Bataan death march

Were thousand of our troops lost there life

April 3, 1942

Japan decided to launch its attack on Bataan

General Edward king surrenders Bataan

April 10,1942

The goal of the march was to get the 72,000 captured American and Filipino  in the southern end of the Bataan Peninsula to Camp O'Donnell in the north. To do this, the prisoners were to be marched 55 miles from Mariveles to San Fernando, then travel by train to Capas. From Capas, the prisoners were again to march for the last eight miles to Camp O'Donnell.

The prisoners were separated into groups of approximately a hundred, assigned Japanese guards, and then sent marching. It would take each group about five days to make the journey.

The march would have been long and a struggle for anyone, but the already starving prisoners were to endure cruel and brutal treatment throughout their long journey, which made the march deadly.

The Japanese guards tortured their prisoners throughout the march.

Beheadings were prevalent

Without food and water, the prisoners were extremely weak as they marched the 63 miles in the hot sun. Many were seriously ill from malnutrition.There were Japanese "buzzard squads" who followed each group of marching prisoners, responsible for killing those that couldn't keep up

April 18,1942

Some sources say 75,000 soldiers were taken prisoner after the surrender at Bataan, with 12,000 of them American and 63,000 Filipino.

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