Modules 1
Getting started with tablets at schools

1.1. Why use Tablets? The research perspective

1.2. Why use tablets? the teacher and student perspecitve

There are many strategical Skills that are involoved in use of Tablet in School, the most important, I think, is learn "Critical Digital Literacies". These aren't a separate literacies but across many content and skills areas. I Would say to school leader and parent that use of tablet allow students to develop or improve their digital lieteracies, the other option is "illiteracy".

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1.3 Tablets in schools - what I need to know

Strategy and Planning

There are many kinds of problems in use of tablets at my school. The most important problem is badget, in Italy the government decresed resources for education. The only solution is a mixed strategy:

- a limitated numer of tablets supplied by the school;

- BYOD: teachers and students could bring your own devices, not only tablet but also any others sort of devices like: smartphone, laptop, chromebook

- the use of tablets in classroom should be associate with Blended Learning and M-Learning solutions

1.4 Tablets in classrooms - what I need to know

With regard to the challange of professional development about use of tablets in classroom, I think necessary to have a refined list of educational web apps, not an unordered list, but a list of apps classified by funcionality and use in teaching and learning. This is my personal list of educational web apps, categorized by tipology and use in teaching and learning:

1.7 Module 1 activity

My Reflecionts and Ideas

I like the idea of Astrid Hulsebosch that create a forum wall for italian teachers for collaborate and discuss about this course.

I Like Luz Santos's thought about the necessity to change our minds and our teaching method before change our devices: "The problem isn't change black-board to tablets, but change the way to learn". Therefore the fundamental question isn't about technology but pedagogy.

My Answers to the Module Questions

Question 1
What is your main reason for using or wanting to use tablets in your classroom?
My Answers
My main reasons are:
1. integrate traditional learning system with learning based on mobile devices.
2. Improve digital skills of my students
3. Enhance creativity, critical thinking, collaborative skills of my students

Question 2
What whole-school challenges do I already face or do I anticipate facing when using tablets?
My Answers
There are two whole-school challanges:
1. one is a budgetary problem: buying tablets is too expensive for our schools
2. another problem is formation of the collegues in using of the tablets in school. They have to learn the technical use of the tablets and methods and scenarios for creative use of tablets in teaching and learning
3. The basic problem it's the internet connection that isn't suffices, we haven't broadband in our school and in the most part of italian schools, then the problem number one is: have the broadband

Question 3
What classroom challenges do I already face or do I anticipate facing when using tablets?
My Answers
1. insufficient number of tablets
2. low level of digital literacy of the students
3. classrooms are empty boxes, is very difficult realize collaborative activities.

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