Ebook - It's about Time

Part 1 - Understanding your Follett Shelf

Do I know how to manage my Follett Shelf?

To access this from Destiny>Catalog>Search Setup>Tab at top of window Follet Shelf

Part 2 - How many ways can you find an Ebook?

Search from Destiny >Basic and Visual

Search from Universal Search and Follett Shelf

Collections include Lightbox™, eBooks, Audiobooks (Follett Audiobooks only), Interactive eBooks, and Digital Resource Links.

Part 3 - Accessing eBooks with Apps

  1. Search for and install BryteWave K-12 Edition.
  2. Launch the Follett BryteWave K-12 Edition app.
  3. Enter the information requested: State, name of your library, Destiny username, and password.

Once you have logged in to your App, you do not need to log in again. Your device retains that information for you.