The 5,300 year old mysteryry

The discovery;

Thursday, September 19, 1991

On a regular (or so they thought) Thursday afternoon, two German hikers decided to abandon the marked train while hiking through the Alps. While passing a gully filled with water from melted ice, they noticed something protruding from the ice, a human body.

Filled with horror they called the locally authorities, while uncovering the body the authorities started noticing tattoos and other things around the corpse. They then realized  that this wasn't just another accident.

Otzi's death;

July 2001, about ten years after the discovery of Otzi

While observing new x-rays of Otzi, Dr. Egarter Vigl and Dr. Gostner noticed a stone arrowhead in the ice man's shoulder. This arrowhead would have sliced open a major artery and damaged neurovascular fascicles causing Otzi to bleed to death. A deep gash was also discovered on Otzi's hand indicating that he had been involved in hand to hand combat shortly before his death. Recently, scientist have also located brain trauma that includes bleeding at the back of the brain and a skull fracture. This leads us to the assumption that he either fell or was attacked right before his death.

  prediction of Otzi's appearance

From pollen samples taken from his the ice man's stomach we have found that he died during spring and early summer. We know this because the pollen found in his stomach came from early blossoming trees.

The iceman's life;

Many of the items Otzi was found with help us know of his status. For example, the copper axe found with him was a status symbol hinting to us that he was in a high class of his society.

Not only was his body perserved in the ice, but his clothing and belonging were too. Some of the things that Otzi was wearing include a hide coat, loincloth, bearskin cap, leggings, shoes, and a belt and pouch. Most of these articles of clothing were made out of animal remains.

Otzi was also found with tools and equipment that include an axe, a dagger, a retoucheur, a bow, a quiver, arrows, a net , a backpack, birch-bark containers, minerals, possible medicene, a stone disc, and other tools.

Otzi's tattoos;

Otzi also has over 50 tattoos all over his body. These tattoos appear as lines and crosses. Compared to modern day tattoos, Otzi's tattoos were used as way to relieve pain. In a sort of therapeutic way.

Otzi today;

After his discovery in 1991 Otzi has become world famous. Today, in his honor a museum has been built around the ice man. He can be viewed in a refrigerated viewing case so he does not melt. Brad Pitt has even tattooed an outline of Otzi on his arm.

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