Mobile apps

to enhance student's learning

Dragon Dictation

Dragon dictation mobile app is excellent to use in a classroom setting where I may have deaf students that I need to interact with. It converts speech to text and I would use this as a means of communication instead of an interpreter or learning sign language. As well this creates a more inclusive classroom environment where all students could interact.Other students with fine motor skills issues would benefit from this app as they may find texting cumbersome or impossible. This would allow them to speak to text which then may be forwarded as a message or email. I may also incorporate the use of Dragon dictation with exit slips at the end of class. I would record each student's response to a question that would reflect the lesson or something they learned that day.This would provide me with information which I may use as a tool to assess students learning.

Polls everywhere

I would use Polls Everywhere to gather responses in the classroom which creates an interactive environment. This would facilitate responses from students who may otherwise not participate. It also creates an inclusive environment that does not single anyone out and it works well with texting or web applications.


Socrative can be a help to teachers by engaging students in educational content through exercises or games making it fun in the classroom.  It can also be useful to assess students understanding, make reports, provide analytic data, and is easy to run from many different devices.  


SoundGecko is a handy text to audio app that allows you to listen to text that is displayed on a screen.  This can be utilized in my classroom for students with reading disabilities, audio learners or students who are sight impaired.  


This free app comes with ads, but allows students to organize and manage their time by allowing them to track data, assignments or exam schedules.  The school can bulk purchase this app which allows them to customize it with school logo, themes and links creating an increase of school spirit and student autonomy.  

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