The St. Kitts and Nevis mystery

By: Nick and Tom

Journal Entry #1- Upon arriving to St. Kitts, I checked into my hotel and ate some dinner. I read over the notes of the separation of the rodents in order to formulate a plan to reunite them.

Journal Entry #2- I woke up today feeling like crap, I decided to stay in and keep on formulating a plan.

Journal Entry #3- I met up with some of the specialists on Nevis and we decided to transport Nevis rodents to St. Kitts to revive the population there. Having transported them and attempting to make them reproduce with St. Kitts rodents, nearly 240 times, we decided they must be genetically different. Some of our methods include:

Journal Entry #4- Today I met up with the St. Kitts specialists and noted important aspects of the St. Kitts rodents. I recorder as followed:

Journal Entry #5- After collecting the data from the St. Kitts rodents, I went on to collect data from the Nevis rodents. The data collected is shown here

Journal Entry #6- I have been in my hotel now for about a week, pondering some of the evolution concepts that have taken place. I strongly believe allopatric speciation was the cause of most of the genetic diversity that took place. The geographic barrier of the water separated the rodents, and over time the rodents slowly adapted into different species and now are unable to reproduce. I also believe that mutation produced a new type of rodent which dominated Nevis island and therefore changed the entire species. We have also looked into genetic drift as a possibility for our species differences. When the major population splitting into two separate populations which raises its chances for genetic drift. Genetic Drift happens completely by chance and when populations are really small the chance rises for genetic drift to happen which explains to me why this could possibly happen.

Journal Entry #7- I sent my reports back to the company that hired me. Spent my last day enjoying the sunset.

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