Financial Literacy

I chose a doctor and my name is Robert

Yearly Income/monthly income

My yearly income is $76,305 and I earn $5,404.90.I took out my  income tax and divided that by 12\"}


6 Months:$3242.94/1 Year:$6485.88.I timed $5404.90 by 12 and 6.

Car And House Payments

Car:I chose a Kawasaki Motorcycle and I pay $172/monthly car payment $65/monthly for insurance I pay $70/monthly gas.House:I pick the 2br 2ba apartment. I pay $765/monthly for payment for the home ,and $120/monthly for Average Utilities.


This project is important because we will need it when we grow up.1 thing i learned was the is alot more taxes than i thought. another thing i learned was saving is a lot more important than spending.


My job is a doctor and i earn $76,305


I got my budget all the way to 0 dollars.And I save $3157.90,and I spend $2247.I spend $500 on fun money,and $80.And $75 on restraunt

Grocerie List

Vegtable oil $5.98,16.72,onions $2.98,bell peppers $17.95,ketchup $5.82,ceral $4.48,tooth paste $5.00,eggs $4.38,bread $4.88.