The Hunger Games

Chapter 2 Summary

The chapter of The Hunger Games begins where the first left off, with Primrose Everdeen being selected as one of the District 12 tributes. Immediately following this, Katniss finds herself volunteering to take her sister's place as tribute, shocking herself and the rest of the crowd alike. The people in the crowd gesture a symbolic three finger salute, meaning thanks, admiration and goodbye to a loved one. Haymitch, in his drunken stupor and excitement, accidentally falls off the stage, humiliating himself on live TV.

Next, the male tribute is announced, Peeta Mellark. This queues a flashback for Katniss of a time shortly after her father died. Katniss and her family were starving, so she tried selling clothes to the Hob without success. On her way back home, she catches a scent of the bakery. She scavenges the trash can, but is quickly shooed away by the bakers wife. Katniss, defeated, wet and hungry, slumps down by a pig pen. However, she then sees the baker's son, a small blonde boy holding two loaves of burnt bread. It's Peeta, and without saying a word, tosses one loaf in Katniss' direction. Katniss rushes it home and with the help of her family, devours the loaf. The next day, she realizes Peeta may have burned the loaves on purpose, so that he could sneak one for Katniss.

Snapping back to the present, Katniss tells us that Peeta has always reminded her of hope, and that she owes his life to him because of his small deed. She just has trouble wrapping her head around the fact that now she'll have to accompany and face him in the bloody deathmatch that is the hunger games.

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