20 Lessons Learned From Travel

  1. Great things come from facing your fears.
  2. Talk to people with different beliefs to better understand the world around you.
  3. Don't be afraid to say "I don't know" when you're in the middle a different culture.
  4. More money won't solve your problems.
  5. Internet is the best tool available to us but use should be limited.
  6. Only speaking English is limiting you and the people around you.
  7. Make new friends wherever you can.
  8. The greatest lessons in life are experienced and not told.
  9. Never trust a taxi driver.
  10. Packing = strategy.
  11. Travel is personal and that's the way it should be.
  12. Street food is actually pretty tasty.
  13. Limit the t-shirts. Buy meaningful souvenirs.
  14. Frustration happens. Count to 10 and move on.
  15. Traveling solo does not mean you're alone.
  16. Put down the guidebook and just experience the life around you.
  17. Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.
  18. There is a big difference between travelers and tourists.
  19. Kindness is a universal language.
  20. Live everyday like it's your last.

What have you learned from traveling?

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3 years ago

You're never too young to experience difference cultures and travel. Explore the world young, and you'll be amazed at how those experiences shape your future as you get older.

3 years ago

Study the culture before you're surrounded in it