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Joseph Silva

Overview of Edmodo

Edmodo is an online website too communicate with teachers and students in your school. Teachers can assign work for students over edmodo, and the students can turn assignments in electronically. Teachers can also assign quizzes and test through edmodo.

Features and benefits

one feature of edmodo is the calendar feature. A benefit of the calendar feature is you can check when assignments are due.

Overview of Remind

A safe way for teachers to connect with students and stay in touch with parents.

Features and benefits

Parents can benefit from Remind because the Teacher can send out messages too phones letting the parents know when assignments are due . A feature is that you can login as a parent or a student. overview is a website that features thousands of free infographic templates and design objects which users can customize to create and share their visual ideas online.

Features and benefits

You can benefit from this site by creating an info-graphic or poster for anything you would need it for. For example , a school project. Also , it is free ! A feature of this sight is you can start to create a new info  graphic  by pressing the "start fresh" screen.

Home screen of

Tackk overview

Tackk allows anyone to quickly publish anything with one simple page. There is no software to download, no login required and no special design or development skills needed.

Features and benefits

A feature of this sight is that in the options you can choose to make your presentation private or public . Also, you can put a password  so it could be easier too access the presentation. a benefit of this is you can create any presentation that fits your needs for free or even without having to login.

Creating in tackk.

IB design cycle

A- inquiring and analysis

Students are presented with a design situation , which they identify a problem that needs to be solved.

I- explain and justify solution and problem

II- identify and prioritize primary and secondary research.

III- analyse a range of existing products that inspire a solution for a problem.

IV- develop a detailed design breif .

B- developing ideas

Students write a detailed specification , which drives the development of a solution.

I- create design specification that describes success criteria.

II- develop feasible ideas that can be interpreted by others.

III- present final designand justify   its selection.

IV- develop accurate drawings/planning for the creation of the solution.

C- creating the solution