2013 Overview

2013 was fun, let's bring out the memories.

Credit for picture: http://thehumanityproject.com

A blast from the past:

A lot of things happened in 2013, some good; and some not so much. But it's easy to say that good towered over bad last year. In the below paragraphs, you will see the things we did as humanity together that changed our futures and the way we will live.

First 3D Printed Body Part!

On February 21st, 2013; a group of American scientists managed to print a fully functional ear using collagen (Definition: the main structural protein found in animal connective tissue). This is actually big impact in modern science, now we know that forward on into the future we can print replacement important body parts such as kidneys. Once this occurs, we will no longer require healthy donors but only 3D Printers!

First Cloned Stem Cells!

On March 21, 2013; NASA reported that their "Voyager" Satellite passed out of our solar system. Which means that soon we will be able to listen to audio files/see pictures of perhaps alien lifeforms, although this is unlikely, there is still a chance that we will be able to decide wether we aren't alone or not.

New Royal Descendant From England!

On the important date of July 22nd, 2013; a new baby was born with the name of George Alexander Louis and with the royal parents: Kate Middleton and Prince William. This baby is now a prince and will be upheld in more important positions in the English government in the future.

Chinas First Moon Rover!

In the most recent of historic 2013 events, China has managed to land their new rover on the moon. Which now puts them in the competition for space exploration against with America. Space is a vast place that we as mankind do not know much about, and with so little knowledge and much curiosity, we are all excited to see what lies beyond our galaxy.

To the next year!

When we look back into our history, we should think of how it creates the days now and the future days of which we will live in. Humanity is a rapidly developed species, both in intelligence and number. And I expect that the years to come will be very exciting/surprising.

Credit for picture: wikimedia.org

Why I wrote this:

Webpages and books are all created for reasons, all of which are similar and different. The reason that I wrote this webpage is so I can participate in Tackk.com's "Give Kudos to Yourself" Contest. The contest is to make a webpage using their easy to use layout and tell the world what you did in the year 2013. But I decided not to brag about just me, but brag about us, human beings. The reward for winning is $250 and what I plan on using that money on is a class for computer programming. Computers have always been a fascination to me and I am really eager to learn how to code with them, but the free online classes just don't seem to be working for me that well. So I want to try out a paid class. Whether I join one or not decides my future as of jobs, and I feel that this is an important choice in my life.

(My age is 13)