Stowe Spanish

Week of October 14, 2013

This is Maria standing next to a small vehicle we saw in Spain or Portugal.


Today you are going to continue to prepare to make a short video. We discussed planning by using a storyboard. Today you will create a storyboard that will look like a comic. First you must create a script in Spanish. You should have at least 4 sentences. 6 sentences is better. You may copy the script from the Slow Spanish Dialogues if you want. Here are the Slow Spanish Dialogues.

Write your own dialogue. It will look something like this:

Juan: Bla Bla Bla?

Maria: Si, bla bla bla

Juan: Du bu chu?

Maria: Ha he ho

Once you have finished your dialogue, you will create the storyboard.


Now you will use a new tool to create a storyboard that looks like a comic book. Choose a background, add characters and add the dialogue (minimum 4 sentences).

Click on the green button that says Storyboard.