The Children Were Nestled All Snug in Their Beds...

This is not my bicycle. Neither is the one behind it. Or behind that. But I promise you my bicycle is in this room.

While Visions of HOPE Danced in Their Heads

As day 3 of the Pan Ohio Hope Ride came to a close, the vehicles that we had ridden for close to 250 miles settle in for a nights rest. Safe. Secure.
This is how those at the HOPE Lodge want to feel during their stay. They want to feel peace without pain. To feel well without worry. To feel happy without hardship.
They want to feel HOPE.

This season, consider giving the gift of HOPE.

Wishing You & Yours a Very Merry Stuffs
and a Festive New Year!

Love, Shelli
(and her bicycle)

This is my bicycle. And my butt.