2015 Tech Resolutions

We all want to start the new year with some new goals.
Here are five ways you can spice up your tech-game in 2015!

1. Attend OETC

OETC is Ohio's premier professional development and educational technology conference. Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn all about edutech and how you can intergrate technology into your classroom!

2. Learn to Code

Coding is becoming an important skill and an be a fun way to engage your students with technology in the classroom. On OETC's Pinterest page, we have an entire board devoted to coding in the classroom. Check it out for some awesome resources!

3. Start a Classroom Blog

Classroom blogs are a great way to allow your students to express themselves using a new and fun platform. Blogs can give students ownership of their contributions while teaching them valuable technology skills. Edmodo is a great site that provides free classroom blogs for teachers. Catch them at OETC, and set up your own classroom blog!

4. Try Robotics in the Classroom

Robotics engineering helps your students engage in STEM using hands-on methods. Robotics is fun! Check out the STEM Robotics Challenge at OETC to see students who have mastered robotics engineering, and check out the workshop listings to attend a workshop about integrating robotics engineering into your classroom this year!

5. Download the OETC Mobile App

The OETC Mobile App will be home to several awesome features, such as a conference program and personalized agenda capabilities, summaries and bios of all conference speakers, and a map for easier navigation around the conference. You can also find conference updates and exciting offers on the app!

What's your top tech resolution?
Tell us in the Stream below!