End of 2014: Girls' Day Brunch

It's a Vision Board Party!!!

It's been a Busy year: 2014! It's time to reflect, converse and look forward to 2015...TOGETHER!

Create your VISION Board

Today I picked up the latest issue of Essence...which I get every month (but who has had time to read a Magazine???), and took the time to read some truly inspirational articles for the start of 2015. One article, written by Charreah K. Jackson (@charreah) entitled, "2015 is Mine!" If you haven't read the article, please pick up the Essence and check it out!

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who needs to refocus on my goals in life but this concept (with me as a visual learner) may just change my life. Lucinda Cross' story from prison to professional is one that shows how truly focusing on your dreams and goals and how to achieve them is a motivation.

So, ladies...over the next week...(YES, I know it's days to Christmas...but soon we will be focusing on the New Year and then something else.)... FOCUS on you for once!

We as women, put everyone and their needs before our own. It's time we create our OWN Vision...why not with a Vision Board?

Who's with me?
Ladies: Join Me...

When: Friday, January 2nd @ 11 a.m.- 2 p.m.  

Where: Black Walnut Cafe', Vintage Park location                                                           10623 Louetta Road, Houston, Texas 77070

What to Bring?  Your Vision Board or some cardstock/copy paper, some of your favorite old magazines and a pair of scissors to create your own!  I will bring magazines, glue, markers & crayons for those who would like to create their own!

Why? Attend....

I have truly been blessed over the last 365 days. This holiday time is also the time of year my mom brought me into this world so it's always been a reflective time period. Now, my reflection is in the eyes of my own daughter...

Our dreams and goals in life are important. This Vision Board is a collage representing things you would like to attract to your life. Come on out so we can support each other! Bring a friend, if you like! I'm not reserving anything until the day before...The more the merrier!

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Wanna Learn/See how to create a Vision Board?

Check out this Blog or my Pinterest Board for some ideas, tips and MORE! I will be creating mine this weekend after the Christmas Holiday. If anyone would like to "hangout" using Google Hangouts, just send me a message below in the comments stream!