Cyber Security Field Trip

Vishal Shah Period 6

Mike Good talked about how if you earned a Cisco certificate you can be very competitive in the job market. He also talked about how cyber security is a big issue in the 21st century and how it affects K-12 education. He also talked about how we need to appreciate and value education or we'd have to take the long way to get what we want.

Anil Pattni talked about how we ened to be more vigilant with what we do with our computers, and showed us a Ted Talk about malware. In the Ted Talk the guy talked about how there are a plethora of ways of receiving malware. He also talked about how he has this robotics incubator sort of thing and how people can join a team and create something and if they win they get to go with him at SpaceX.

I would recommend this field trip because we should all learn about cyber security and see if the career choice is right for us.

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