Liberty High School Co-Teaching

Co-teaching teams of a regular education content teacher and a special education learning specialist partner in all core areas, as well as personal finance.  Our professional development this school year has focused on successfully implementing three co-teaching models (station, parallel, and alternative) in order to provide more personalized learning environments for students.  

Teachers Requested...

  • Specific strategies they could use to implement true co-teaching
  • Examples of the strategies in action in high school classrooms
  • Time to create or revise lessons to incorporate the strategies
  • Feedback and support

Professional Learning Overview

  • Professional development days to understand the co-teaching models and develop lessons using the strategies
  • Goal setting process that encouraged teams to develop implementation goals aligned with student learning outcomes
  • Unit and lesson planning templates aligned with co-teaching strategies
  • Lesson observation and non-evaluative feedback
  • Anonymous, non-evaluative data collection of strategy implementation and student engagement
  • Sharing of experiences implementing the strategies via face-to-face dialogue, photo montages, and classroom demo videos
  • Reflection on areas of growth and opportunities for improvement

Station Co-Teaching

Parallel Co-Teaching

Alternative Co-Teaching

What We're Finding

Areas to Grow

  • Continued revision of lessons to embrace the co-teaching strategies
  • Continued focus on the use of co-teaching strategies becoming the norm
  • Opportunities to utilize more intentional flexible grouping
  • Opportunities to focus on student learning impact