It was Labor Day and we all was go to the lake so we headed up there the first day we set up camp. Then the next day we got the boat out and we went to find a boat ramp. Then we fond one but there was only one ramp and 20 people in front of us but we waited. Finally we got to lunch it but it wold not start. I was so mad because the weather was so nice and there was no waves or white caps. So we loaded it up and went back to camp. Then we went swimming and my dad worked on it the water was Reilly shallow. Then we got it working finely then we went to launch it. We got on the water the we got Reilly far out then the boat stopped working we got it working but it Reilly slow so we loaded it up again and went to camp my dad got it working again but we did not take it out because it was to late.

Then we went into a small town that was cold Wilson so we could get ice. The we got back to camp. We eight stake it was good. Then we went to sleep. We got up in the morning and it was so windy that it was shaking the camper so we cold not go boating that day but we went swimming and we found where Blake was camping so we went swimming together for 5 minuets because it started storming.

So we went to see if Blake could stay the night with me and he could so we got to the camper and we went down to the beach and played in the sand. We fond a tackle box that had nothing in it we where going to barry it but we didn't cuss it was time to eat we eight chicken. Then me and Blake went to the park to hang out.

Then it started to rain and there was a hill that got all muddy so we played on it tell 12:00 then we where all muddy so we went to take a shower. It was hard to get the mud out off our close. The we got in side and played on my iPod for a little bit then we wend to sleep it was late. Then we got up and went to the park for a little bit.

the we went to lunch the boat and take Blake home on the boat then we he got to his camp we went to go tubing it was fun wants we were don tubing we went to the docs to look then we swam and drove the boat for a wile then we went to load the boat up they where launching a big house boat it took a long time to launch it but it was fun to watch it. The we went home and the next day I went to school.

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