My Invention

A bubble that never pops

The BTNP (bubble that never pops) is the best invention that you will ever come across.

Firstly, there is  a control that you can use to fly, hover and even the limited edition control comes with a feature of the SPEED POWER 2,000. If there is traffic all you need to do is get out your bubble which can even fold to fit into tiny spaces, so get it out and press a button which will create the bubble and blow it up, then just hit the control and fly. And yes, if you're worried about safety, it is MEGA SAFE!!

Secondly, it is so comfy that you can even sleep in it!! You can hang in it with your friends, and a limit of an amazing 8 people can fit inside the BTNP. In the bubble there can be lots of cushions, blankets and can hold up to a perfect amount of 500kgs! Imagine that. Amazing, right? There is even a special solution that makes it float but its a secret.

So have I convinced you that the BTNP is the best invention ever. I really hope I have.

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