Mobile Applications

that Function Within the Classroom

There are so many applications available for mobile devices such as phones, ipads, notebooks, and laptops now. We have seen technology change the way  we interact socially, and now these technological advances can change the way we interact as teachers and students too.

Google Earth, Google Maps, et. al.

Google has come out with an amazing app that allows their users to go for walks around the planet. This stroll trhough Paris, or search for countries in of themselves has made geography so much more accessable.

It is easy to find our what cities look like and where countries are in relation to the rest of our world. This would be beneficial in a social studies classroom in particular, but to study architecture, or in English if a novel is set in a particular place as well.

Its also excellent to use in order to orient oneself before travelling to a new place.

Teacher Pal by ItWorx Egypt

More oriented towards the teachers role in the classroom but still pertenant to how we can use mobile Applications in order to make the school more efficient affectively.  We as teachers can work on attendance daily, make notes and write schedules. Classroom planning, and a whole lot of other administrative functions are also available so we as teachers can focus more on what matters and less on the tedious parts of our days.

We can also make notes on individual students, what they need to get done, what may be needed to further support the student with their assignments as well.

Write it Versus (iOS)

Creative writing collaboratively. This application would be excellent for a secondary English class where students are feeling road blocks or uninspired. Each student ads a few words mad libs style. The game looks fun, interactive, and will encourage socializing.

This application could also be used in the drama classroom.

Paper by FiftyThree (ipad)

Creating beautiful digital drawings and works of art has become so easy.

These drawings, sketches, and simple doodles are sharable on mobile devices. This application encourages socializing, work with digital drawing concepts and the creative mind in general. Students could use this when inspired, when bored on the bus to and from school, between class to pass time, as a reference for inspiration. It is a tool I will use in the art studio, and will encourage students to do portraits or landscapes in a digital format with this application.

Jot! By Tabula Rasa

According to the developer: “Jot! is a simple, fast whiteboard that lets you sketch out your ideas and share them in real time. Draw, take notes, or wireframe on your iPad quickly and easily as soon as ideas come to you. Share your ideas via email or save them as photos. Collaborate in real time over the internet with Live Sharing.”

This could be utilized in a variety of ways in most classrooms, to get the required information across. This would be great to facilitate visual learners with notes for a deeper understanding.

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