Another Year, Another Book, Another Take:
The Making of the 2014-15 Yearbook

    By Lily Schwarz

             The name of this scrapbook is called 'Another Year, Another Book, Another Take'. I chose this title because this was my second year of being a part of publishing and there was a whole new program that we needed to learn how to use. But our staff learned how to use it pretty quickly and the yearbook looks really good. The program was much more efficient, and unlike last year we were able to work on pages at the same time and prevent others from deleting   work on accident. I was able to view and edit photos very easily and do my part contributing as the photo editor, even though I lost my co-editor half way through the year. But taking pictures was still a lot of fun and I was able to apply even more of what I learned last year to the yearbook this year. And I even learned some tips from my co-editor that will hopefully help me grow in my photography skills.

      The new program was wonderful to use, but we still encountered problems throughout the year. Losing 2 members was a little harsh during the middle of the year, and it increased the workload for the rest of the staff. There was also a disappearance of a few pages, which was unfortunate but Kay whipped out a copy template very quickly. And there was a lot of absences at the beginning of the year, making it very hard to make the due-dates properly so a few of the pages are different in the middle of sections.

          But we managed to get our yearbook done and it turned out very well. With a handmade clean and easy-to-read cover, a senior-related theme and the talent of the staff it turned out wonderful and I hope all the seniors like it. I am pretty proud of the work that we did as a group and I think that it looks good. :)


      Fortunately, the program was much easier to use this year but we still ended up losing pages/templates like last year which was unfortunate. Plus, we weren't able to transfer photos and templates over to the supplement very easily which made completing the supplement a bit hard. Also, like last year, we lost members half way through the year and we also had to replace our editors once, but it was temporary.


Above: Jacob Garcia and I getting our pictures taken for the yearbook Publishing spread. Jacob Garcia and I were co- photography editors for the beginning of the year.

Above: Some of the staffers at the J-Day conference at Colorado State University. It was a really fun day and we learned a lot from some talks, but others weren't that good.


My triumphs of the year included: getting some of my photos in the yearbook, being able to be the photography editor for the whole year and learning how to use the new cameras. Getting my photos in the yearbook is always cool for me because when I look back on it, I remember being there and taking the picture. And being the photography editor was a goal from last year, especially since I was a co-editor (for photography) all last year. Learning how to use the new cameras was also fun and a bit of a challenge but now I trust in my ability to use them now.

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