Where She Went

by: Brianna Brasher

                                  Sequel to the New York Times Bestseller If I Stay


Sequel to the New York Times Bestseller, turned movie, If I Stay, the book leaves of where the first book stops but is told in Adam's point of view, three years after the accident. Both are residing on each opposite coast; Mia, now a Julliard rising star and Adam a famous rock star with celebrity girlfriend. But when both the former couple famous careers cross, they begin to relive all the moments and love they shared when Mia poses as a personal tour guide for Adam; taking him to her favorite spots even to her home. But Mia left Adam for a reason and Adam can't seem to find out why. If they had so much chemistry, why'd she break it off? If Adam went through all that guilt and sorrow, why'd she leave? These questions seem to haunt him. When he finds out why she left, it shocks him to the core. Can solve the problems to get back what they once had?

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