It's the best choice FLUOR you!

You can clean with it and kill!

             What are the properties of         Fluorine

Fluorine is the lightest halogen. Fluorine is a pale yellow gas. Fluorine condenses to a bright yellow liquid at -188°C. Fluorine solidifies at -220°C. Fluorine also has a pungent odor that is noticeable at very low concentrations. Fluorine is the most electronegative and is extremely reactive. The boiling point of Fluorine is -188.12°C The melting point of Fluorine is -219.62°C. Also, Fluorine is a non-metal. Fluorine is reluctant to ionize because it has a reaction for one more electron.

What can you use Fluorine for?

Fluorine can be used to clean and whiten teeth, EVERYONE would want it! Fluorine can also be used to defend yourself against the unknown because it is reactive and can eat through things, like glass.

How Useful is fluorine in the great unknown?

Biological Need- For biological need I gave Fluorine two stars because you need to have healthy teeth or else your teeth can become useless and you wouldn't be able to eat anything and you could go hungry!

Social Need- For social need I gave fluorine five stars because everyone wants white teeth so everyone wants to use Fluorine to clean their teeth!

Functional Need- For functional need I gave Fluorine five stars because you brush your teeth everyday and Fluorine can be used to protect you!

Defensive Need- For defensive need I gave Fluorine five stars because Fluorine is highly reactive and can eat through things easily, like glass.

Where is Fluorine used?

Fluorine is used in pills, water, and various tooth care products! Fluorine is also as a dispersing agent in aerosol sprays and as a refrigerant, substances used in a heat cycle for efficiency  and reversible transitions from a liquid to a gas.

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