Staying organized will help both you and your students save valuable class time.

                                    Drive Folder In Classrom

The extra folders within your Drive Classroom folder.

In your Classroom folder in Drive, add a folder titled "Workshop Materials". Then within the Workshop Materials folder add two more, one for Schedules/Activity Sheets and one for ALU Materials.

During the school year you can do the same thing and use that folder to collect items from the students that are not assignments or announcements.

          Organize Your Curated Resources

Organize your bookmark bar with folders and bookmark editing (video)

Use a bookmark curating service like Diigo (It's a Chrome extension). It not only bookmarks sites, it allows you to annotate them (and saves the annotation for future use), organize and share them (you can collect resources by unit, marking period, etc) via groups. Make sure to use the Edu version.

Use Features In Drive To Organize Classwork

Use the Table of Contents feature in Google Docs. The image below the notebook document illustrates the steps to add a table of contents to any Google document.