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Summer of my German Soldier.
by: naomi lopez

Patty Bergen living in Jekinsville, Arkansas with her family during World War ll. The summer Patty turns twelve that will haunt her forever. Patty risks losing her family,friends, and even her freedom- for this dangerous situation.

Interesting Facts!!!

Harry Bergen (Patty's father) was a harsh man who often abused Patty. Harry Bergen was also a store owner.

Patty's small hometown Arkansas becomes the site of a camp housing German prisoners during World War ll, she learns what it means to open her heart.

During World War ll, even though Patty is Jewish , she begins to see a prison escape, Anton, not as a Nazi, but as a lonely, frightened young man with feelings unlike her own.

Ruth Hughes was a warmhearted, middle-aged African American who works for Pattys parents and shows Patty more love than what her parents do.

Anton Reiker, was private in the German army, brought to Arkansas as a prisoner of war, who escapes from prison camp and is sheltered by Patty.

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