Romeo And Juliet
By Katelin Manning


Tybalt-   was born  august 4 , 1993 and died  May 11,2015 by the hand of a Montague after stabbing one of the Montague's family member. he was always ready to protect his family.He did what he could to do that .That was his job. He was a strong person but was easy to retaliate from anger.He wanted to make things right but when he took it into his on hands it went terribly wrong. He thought he would come on victorious but he came out being killed . This person  is someone we could kinda look up too as if the matters of what happens when we try to take matters in or own hands.


Romeo- born January 19,1995 and died july 18, 2015  by poison  after his wife Juliet  faked her death at first. He was a very good husband to Juliet

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