Math Project: B of the oil spill
               by Amy Greufe

This is the picture of the oil spill picture I picked. Its Oil Spill B.

This is all my work I did on the project. I had 2 squares, 10 rectangles, and 8 triangles. The total of shapes that I used was 20 shapes in total.

Questions for the oil spill

  • Taking a second look at your sectioned polygons from your map, do you think your area is an exact measure of the space affected by the spill?    I think this isn't that exact measure of the space affected by the spill because the real world oil spill was actually bigger and mine was just a diagram.
  • How accurate do you think your polygons compare to the actual spill area? Do you expect your answer to be more or less than the actual spill area?   I think my shapes(polygons) are quite accurate because they came really close the real actual size of the oil spill. I expected my answer to be less because it is on paper.

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