Come clean- No caffeine

By:Elaine Lundy & Ciera Kardys


1) If you drink more than 500 milligrams, which is around the amount of 4 cups of coffee, it has been found to cause nervousness, irritability, insomnia, an upset stomach, muscle tremors, and an irregular heartbeat.

2) Caffeine can also reduce your bone’s ability to absorb calcium.

3)  Caffeine can reduce fertility in women.

4) Although it is rare, some cases of caffeine overdose do exist . This can lead to many harmful conditions as well as DEATH.

5) Caffeine causes dehydration.

Negative Statistic's :

1) The US is the country with the highest amount of caffeine consumption (971 tons) followed by Brazil (969 tons).

2) Caffeine can have a detrimental effect on sleeping patterns as 90% of high school students stated that they had issues sleeping due to the consumption to caffeine.

3)  An excessive consumption of caffeine during childhood can make individuals 60% more likely to become obese.

4) 90% of people in the world consume at least one meal or beverage with caffeine in it daily.

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