11/14/2014   #SJSreports
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The first person in New York to get Ebola has been cured

This news story is about a 33 year old man named Craig Spencer who was the first person in New York to get ebola. He was treated in a specially designed isolation unit at Manhattan's Bellevue Hosplital. His fiancée, Morgan Dixon, and his two friends were quartinined but let go after all three of them showed no signs of the virus. Three weeks after Spencer got sick, no one else in America has gotten the virus. Medical professionals have made a guess that Spencer got the diese when he was treating people in Guinea. When he came back to New York on October 23, he started to show signs of ebola and went to the hospital. So far the only people in America who have gotten Ebola are two medical professionals. I think that this story will have an impact on airports all over the U.S.A  and kinds of questions that you are being asked before you leave the airport after you come back from a country that has people with Ebola in them.