Medical Technician
By :Esther Labranche
http://www.redcrossblood.orgComputer Science P#eriod 5
Completed: March 10,2014

Steps to being a Medical Technician.... message the moment you visit the -Volenteer on blood drives

- Study about medical care pole.

-Get into Community Collage of Philadelphia

-Get into Temple University Hospital

I would be able to get a degree in Medical office Assistant Proficency. Starting in that i would be able to build y way to the top

I would work at Temple University Hospital. It is a good place to work when im finished colleage . Finishing the community College of Philadelphia would give me good opportunities

Red cross is a good place for me to learn the basics. It shows how to take blood from people. If i were to voulenteer there i could learn how to help people. It also gives me an opportunity to help people in disaters