What Is LDL abd HDL?

LDL stands for Low-density Lipoprotein And LDL Is usually referred to as a bad lipoprotein because LDL carries cholesterol to the body and can cause heart disease do to there being a lot of cholesterol in the blood stream.

HDL Also know as the good lipoprotein because it cruises the blood stream and removes any bad cholesterol from the body.

Doctors Monitor The concentration of LDL and HDL Because if you don't have enough HDL than your risk for heart disease will increase greatly do to HDL not taking any left over cholesterol within the blood stream But if you have enough HDL than your risk will be low.

Doctors Concentrate on HDL and LDL levels along with triglyceride Because normal HDL - 6 and LdL - 100 mg

A complete cholesterol test measures four types of tells the total amount of cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein which is referred to as the bad lipoprotein and too much of it can lead to heart attack, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

The way to change LDL levels are by eating oat bran or high-fiber foods because they contain soluble fibers which lowers LDL levels

How to change HDL levels is to loss weight and not smoking and get more physical activities and not to drink alcohol.

Eating saturated fats and trans fat will raise the blood pressure because it will raise the amount of LDL in the blood stream. Eating unsaturated fats will lower LDL and cause a lower risk of stroke or heart disease.

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