Computer System For A Receptionist

PC Build

Intel core i3 processor ( £88 I choose this processor as it is an ideal processor that is powerful enough for a receptionist.

Corsair VS2GB1333D3 2GB RAM ( £16.99 I have chosen this much RAM as a receptionist wouldn't need a lot of ram in a computer system.

Samsung SyncMaster LED monitor (  £74.94 I picked this monitor as it is cheap and a receptionist doesn't need a high spec monitor.

Microsoft Office 2013 ( £89.99  I have chosen this office software as it is easier to use and also the receptionist will have to use this for work and for keeping data bases up to date.

500 WATT ATX POWER SUPPLY QUIET 20-24 PIN with SATA £12 ( I choose this power supply as it is cheap and this computer build does not need a powerful power supply because it doesn't have high spec components.

Microsoft Wired Desktop 600 Keyboard and Mouse Set ( £15.31 I picked this keyboard and mouse as it is the cheapest one I could find also the keyboard and mouse doesn't have to be an expensive one as it is only an office job.

windows 7 32 bit professional ( £89.31 I picked windows 7 professional as it is more of a business version of windows it is also better for businesses to use.

Asus GeForce 210 Nvidia Graphics Card ( £21.78 I choose this graphics card as it is cheap but it is still good enough for a receptionist to use and it doesn't need to be a good as its only an office computer.

Antec VSK-4000E 3 Bay ATX Solid Metal Construction Case  ( £27.32 I thought this case was a good deal as it is cheap and quite basic and not to much I also thought it was good as it doesn't need to be top of the range to go into an office.

Bandridge VoIP Headset ( £3.99 I thought this+ headset would be ideal as it isn't that expensive but it is still good enough for the use of a receptionist.

WD - 2TB Desktop SATA Hard Drive ( £59.90 I thought this hard drive would be ideal as it is big enough for the receptionist for all him or hers work and for confidential information I also picked this hard driver as he or she wont have to back there work up on cloud storage.  

Asus H81M-E Motherboard ( £39.24 I thought this motherboard would be ideal as it is cheap and the receptionist wouldn't need a good motherboard as he or she is only doing basic work and using basic software.

TP-Link TL-WN881ND 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Express Adapter ( £12.00 I thought it would be ideal to buy an internal wireless adapter so there is less risk of breakage compared to an external adapter.

HP Deskjet 2540 All-In-One Printer £38.64 ( I picked this printer because it is cheap and it also has a scanner so it is all in one.

Total £589.41


To be able to work effectively the receptionist would need to be connected to a both a Local Area Network and Wider Area Network.

I recommend a client server network because every client can access the same data which can also be easily backed up. It is also secure so no one who shouldn't be on it can not get on it with out granted access, also using a client server you can connect to the same printer on any computer as the printer is on a client server. Using a client server you can block websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

I recommend a bus topology (see picture above) because each computer or server is connected to the single bus cable. A signal from the source travels in both directions to all machines connected on the bus cable until it finds the intended recipient. If the machine address does not match the intended address for the data the machine ignores the data. Alternatively, if the data matches the machine address, the data is accepted.

The receptionist will need to be able to connect to the internet to order new stationery and use communication software such as email and Skype. The internet is an example of a wider area network. To be able to connect to the internet the receptionist would need to be connected to a router which connects the local area network to the wider area network to allow the data to travel between the two. The router acts as a gateway, at the access point between the two networks. The receptionist would also need an internet service provider (ISP) and an internet browser.


Using the network to manage resources.

Once connected to the network I have recommended above, By the Humber Recruitment Agency can use the network to manage its resources. This can be done by:

- User logins (with limited and necessary access) - All users of this network will have their own log in which is password protected. It also narrows the risk of being hacked. Also every college will get there own log in.

- Shared hardware resources - Using shared hardware resources means anyone who logs into there own account will be able to use the same hardware plus all the computers will have the same hardware as they run by the server.

- Shared storage - Using shared storage is better for this business as all the employees will be able to access there information on any computer.

- Shared security - Using shared security reduces the risk of the sever being hacked as it has a lot of defense systems running also with your work you could put passwords on peoples personal data.

- Data back-up - Loss of data or information can cost a company both money and time. On a client server large amounts of data can be backed up. The company could use a backup software which can back up all files using only one computer the company could use something called Backup4all.

-Network issues- There are many network issues, with LAN for example the network cables could get damaged or dirty like a ethernet for example. There could also be problems with the wireless interface you could also have problems with Insufficient cable bandwidth. There could be too many errors in there system for you to be able to fix. There also could be problems with the Incorrect or sub-optimal device configurations, there could be wireless interface interrupting the connection, there also may be insufficient network bandwidth.

There are many network issues with WAN for example there could be problems with Application issues which is Specific applications performing slowly. You could also have problems with Rising network costs of bandwidth. There could be speed issues with LAN to WAN.

List of possible network issues

Network Cables Damaged -  If a network cable is damaged you could loose all your work and data. If you wanted to fix the problem yourself you could electrocute your self so its always best to get a specialists in to fix it.

Rising network costs of bandwidth -If you raise your bandwidth costs you could get charge a lot more money if you do not pay the money then they could cut you off the internet so you wont be able to access any of your data or documents.

LAN to WAN - This is an example  LAN, which stands for local area network, and WAN, which stands for wide area network, are two types of networks that allow connectivity  between computers.

(WAN) Last night I downloaded an 8 GB file from the internet to my laptop. Download speed was 800 to 1024 KB/sec.
(LAN)Later I wanted to transfer the file from my laptop to my desktop. The transfer speed was in the range of 60 KB/Sec requiring hours to transfer. After 5 minutes it failed. I tried again and had the same issue, same result.

Wireless interface card - If you have a wireless interface card whether  its internal or external you have to be careful as they could break if you have an external card you could snap it by moving the computer if you have an internal you have to be careful just in case you snap it when fitting it.

Electrical Interference

Electrical inference can shield cables and devices such as wireless routers. You can hear electrical interference. To stop Electrical Interference Try to move your router to another location. It is possible for electrical interference to occur between non-shielded cables  and electrical devices.  


Unplugged Cables

If your network is not functioning properly you may see A Network Cable Is Unplugged messages appear repeatedly on the Windows desktop. A message my pop up on your computer screen once every few days or even once every two minutes depending how bad the problem is. To fix these problems check that both ends of the Ethernet cable is tight and not loose. Try replacing the Ethernet cable with a different Ethernet cable to see if the other one is damaged or not. You can try update the network drivers from the manufacturers website. If you try any  off the following make sure you reset your network connection.

Legal Requirements

Legal requirements for any software depends on the industry and type of business that particular software is engaged in.

Privacy Laws

If your software records private information about users you have to let the client know what you are doing with there information. Some software companies do not share private information with third party companies they let users know that there not using there information to build more trust.

When installing software you will see a page asking you to read the terms and conditions you have to accept the software terms and conditions or it will not install the software. Make sure you accept the terms and conditions you will also have to read though them.

Buying Software

If you by software over the counter you will receive a paper copy of the terms and conditions. If you buy it online you will not get given a paper copy. When buying a copy in the shops it will have a silver seal on it to prove that it is legitimate.

Types of software licences

Open source Software

An open-source license is a type of license for computer software and other products that allows the source code blueprint or design to be used, modified and shared under defined terms and conditions. This allows end users to review and modify the source code blueprints or design for their own customization curiosity or troubleshooting needs. open source licensed software is mostly available free of charge though this does not necessarily have to be the case.

Multi User Software

multi-user licence- Is a software licence that allows more than one person to use the software, multi-user licensed products and designed for use in a classroom or office setting where two or more people use the software, multi-user products have special features such as management center, not found in the customer version, there additional features support the management and administration of the software for multiple users.

Single Licence

A single license is an authorization that grants one user access the right to use the software package. it may grant the user the right to install only one machine or it may authorize installation on any number of machines as long as that same licensee is the only user.

I would recommend that you buy multi user software as you can install it to your server so all the computers in the area will have the license to use on all the computers.

Program access

Many software manufacturers give out free trials witch last a certain amount of days or hours after the use of the free trial they will stop you from using it by not being able to launch it or they will take away half off the tools. Sometimes it will give you a user registration code.

Program Upgrades

registering to a software can improve functionality to your program. Registering to the programs is better as you get updates of the latest software that the company has produced by not registering to the software means that you will be left with an out dated version of the program. Some software have a registration fee but many online software's allow you to register for free. An other feature of software registration is the company can notify you when there is software upgrades or add ons to the old software.

Changing computer system based on feedback

Tellephone- BT 1000 Cordless DECT Phone £20.12 due to our feedback the receptionist said she prefers to use a telephone to answer her calls

Silicone rests- Fellowes Silicone Wrist Rocker - Purple £7.74 because the receptionist is at the computer for a long period of time i thought that they would want a silicone rest as the receptionist will start to get aching hands.