7th Grade Glory
By: Adam Farrell

7th Grade was a great year!

Top Ten Moments This Year

1.  My FAVORITE Part of 7th grade was definitely camp.  At Camp Mowana, we could spend a whole week in the outdoors without our heads hanging low and necks craned toward electronics.  It was so great to have free time so that we could play Frisbee, football, or whatever we desire.  Our counselor was a very nice dude.  At Camp Mowana, they also have  a Ga-Ga Ball court.

After We Climbed Up The Wall...  We could of course zip-line down!

2.  My second favorite moment was in reading class when we went on KWAL'S KWEST.  This was a really fun way to wrap up the class novel we had been reading in class.  The book was called Anthem, and it was based on the idea of society coming to a collectivism in the future.  On KWAL'S KWEST, we did many fun activities in which we had to use teamwork, communication skills, and our brains to figure out puzzling tasks.  This was a very fun way to tie in our learning to the novel, and let our brains flow with learning!

This unit was based off of Joseph Campbell's interpretation of the hero and the path that a hero takes.  Most stories follow the path of the mono myth.

3.  Another highlight of my 7th grade year was Jazz Band (We were the bomber blues) and The competition we had at Cedar Point.  The bombers won in both the Jazz Band and the Chorus!  The best time of all was when we were in the park.  It was very busy because we went on opening day for Cedar Point.  There was a new ride that came in this year, and me and my friends got to go on it (very unexpected, lines were long everywhere)!  At the end of the day we all bought homemade corn dogs and fries.  We had a great time!

The logo of the competition at Perkins High School

4.  My fourth favorite event during my 7th grade year was the week before camp.  During this week we played a fun game called calf vs. wolf.  In this fun game, there were wolfs outside of a huge square or circle trying to "eat the calves".  This meant that one would have to pull down the flags hanging around the waist of the calves.  Bulls were trying to keep away the wolves while the cows protect the calves.  The calves actually had to be holding hands with the cows because they can't move alone.  Think of it as something like this.

5.  My fifth favorite event during my 7th grade year was the Kenston Academic Awards Ceremony.  This ceremony awards those who work hard during the school year.  It celebrates the idea of good grades and athletic excellence throughout the year.  It is very fun to sit with all of your friends throughout the ceremony.  This year I got the 4.0 award, the citizenship award, and the band award.  I'm so thankful for kids to be recognized for hard work, and that's why it's one of the highlights of my year!

6. One of my other favorite events of the 7th grade was Outsiders' Day in reading class. This year I dressed as a Soc (yes I'm a rebel) and we had a "rumble" with our class. This day was a neat experience when we played many games and had fun competing against the other classes that are also celebrating the fun day. It was a great day to compare our learning to the Outsiders' book. Everyone had so much fun with the outfits we dressed up in, and there were many challenging tasks to complete.

7.  The Radio Play in our Drama unit was a highlight of my year.  My friends and I, Robert and Tyler, made the radio play with me.  We had a really creative idea that involved using items around the house for the percussion sounds in our play.  Our play turned out great with very few errors.  We had so much fun on this project!

8.  Going to the Melting Pot was a great experience.  The food there was fantastic and very different from any other restaurant.  The Melting Pot is a fondue restaurant where you order salad, a cheese fondue, a chocolate fondue, and an oil fondue.  It was the best food!  The Melting Pot is definitely one of my new favorite restaurants!

The yummy chocolate fondue that is often even mixed with peanut butter.

9.  Watching the Cavs this year was definitely a change in my schedule.  Since LeBron came back to Cleveland, the Cavs have completely turned around their franchise.  The Cavs made it into the playoffs just as they did around 8 years ago.  Cleveland has never won a professional championship (or since 1948; Indians)  This is finally a big break for Cleveland and a big financial aid has been brought back to Cleveland.

The Cool New 3D Technology of the stadium:

10.  Running in a 5K was one of the most fun things I have done this year.  This 5K at Patterson Fruit Farm was the first 5K I have ever run.  Cross Country was one of the best experiences this year, and the 5K was much like it.  I love to run competitively in a race.  It hurts your lungs so much when you run, but when you try your hardest, it is very satisfying.  I placed 2nd overall in the whole race, and first for my age group.  I hope to do more in the future.

This was part of the trail and the finish!


One of the coolest activities in class that we did this year was the Lie Spotting Activities.  I always wanted to know how we could spot liars, and now I know.  We had different mysteries and activities that all tied into our mystery unit that I will later get into.  We first watched a video that got our minds onto the subject, and we had to recognize liars around the classroom.

Our And Then There Were None unit was very neat because I don't read very many mysteries.  Throughout this unit I learned that mysteries are very fun books to read.  We also did many activities in class that challenged us to be a detective and solve mysteries at hand.  It was very cool to read an Agatha Christie and to see how most items were politically incorrect today, outdated, and the English accents and idioms.  This unit was neat to be a detective and try to solve problems without writing anything down.

We made police files in order to figure out the murderer

Another fun unit was the Celebrity guessing.  Some kids knew all the celebrities as kids somehow seeing the connection between childhood and adulthood.  It was fun to do this because we could describe what we think of their faces with one word.  Many kids said stuff like "weird" or "awkward" which was pretty funny to see the reactions from other students!

My Core Class Life

One of my other favorite teachers is Mrs. Burton.  Mrs. Burton is a great teacher and she really wants her students to succeed.  I love science and the mysteries it holds for the future, unlike some of the other classes.  I always make sure to do some of the extra credit in science and the chemistry unit was very cool.  We got to learn the periodic tables and we all mastered it.  Remember the periodic tables with this song below (first 20).

In Science Class, you also do junkbox challenges.  In these challenges you are an engineer trying to solve a task such as building a marble maze with at least a jump and obstacles, but have 15 turns.  These were very fun to complete.  In order to pass this challenge, you should definitely first use some of your time to brainstorm.  You may think you are wasting time, but when you have a good plan worked out, you will finish with a better and faster result.  You normally build with candy, so it is always fun to sneak in a few pieces here and there!

Remember: Always do the extra credit!  You never know when a test you don't do well on is coming around the corner.  There is extra credit posted every week and each time you do it you get a score of 5 over 0!  It is a great goal to set to try and get over a 100% in science class.

More Camp Highlights

Besides the Rock Wall, another fun event was the Camo-Games.  In these games we dressed up in Camouflage and tried to blend in with our surroundings trying to capture the flag held by the other team.  It was such a great time stealthily crawling through the weeds knowing that you haven't been spotted yet!

Another fun camp moment all the way on Thursday was the Camp Dance.  At the dance there was pizza, pop, and so many people of course dancing.  Some of the counselors found this as a time to either run around dancing, or hiding in the back hoping nobody would see them.  The dance was a great way to wrap up camp.

Camp Dance

Outdoor Cooking definitely made the charts for one of the best times at camp.  At outdoor cooking, we had many good hobo pies made, while others weren't so great.  We also made desserts such as a dessert hobo pie, banana boats, and peach boats.  Outdoor Cooking was definitely a great experience to cook over the fire.  I hope one day I can get my hands on more pie cookers to make more hobo pies at home!

I'll let you eat that one...

All in all, camp was the greatest experiences of my whole life, don't pass this chance of a lifetime because it will change the way you think about the outdoors.  Definitely consider going to camp.

Everything Else During This Year

Cross Country:  Cross Country was such a fun time.  We started to run Cross Country before school started and I had a blast the whole way through.  Many of my friends were on the team with me and we just had a great time running together.  I have always loved to run and this was a great way to get better.  Cross Country will help with your endurance in any sport.  If you play basketball and want to improve your stamina, definitely consider Cross Country because it will help you tremendously to stay in the game longer.  Trail running was also a neat experience, when it was muddy, like our first race, it was horrible when you ran it but after you finished,  you are so satisfied with your self.

Survival Tips:

  1. REMEMBER TO USE YOUR PLANNER!  You will find that you never will forget your homework as long as your planner is always with you and kept updated.  Plan out the rest of your day to prioritize and get your work done before sports activities.
  2. DON'T GIVE UP AT THE END  Finish out your year strong.  It isn't good to go on "Vacation" at school because you will most likely have work until the last day of school.  Nobody likes to be grounded over the summer.
  3. TRY YOUR HARDEST WITH GRADES  You will be rewarded at the academic ceremony at the end of the year if you always try your hardest in everything you do.
  4. DON'T PUT OFF WORK  Don't wait until the last day to finish a project because something may later come up that only gives you a little bit of time to finish your project.  Work still piles up throughout the week.
  5. COMPLETE ALL EXTRA CREDIT  Do all the extra credit if needed because it is never a good feeling to end your year with an 89.9% in the grade book.

    Lunch: In lunch you can talk all you want but the same rules apply as normal classes.  Getting called out in front of half your grade isn't good.  The bomber hanger is a great place to stop at least once during your year.  Cookie day is on Friday, so be sure not to miss it because the cookies are actually pretty good.  

    My Precept

    Remember to always make goals.  Always overshoot them because you have a great chance of getting to your dream.  If you undershoot, you have no chance.

    Think of it as basketball or golf.  If you overshoot the basketball or hole, there is still a chance you can get a good bounce around the rim or hit the hole in golf.  If you undershoot, there isn't even a chance of the ball going into the desired target.

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