Pediatricians provide medical care for infants, children, teenagers, and young adult.

Pediatricians provide Primary care and take care of children's general health needs.

Like most  doctors, pediatricians focus on preventing problems before they begin.

Future Outlook

In 2010, there were 371 annual openings in oregon. the estimated growth rate was 28.3%. At the time there were 7,294 physicians working in the very large occupation group. The demand for pediatricians varies slightly with national birth rates. It is unlikely for the demand of pediatricians will decrease because population is continuing to grow.


To be a Pediatrician you need to have:

  • A high school diploma or GED;
  • A bachelor's degree;
  • graduate from medical school;
  • complete an internship;
  • pass a state licensing exam;
  • complete a residency program in pediatrics; and
  • pass additional exams to become board certified


Nationally, the median wage for pediatricians is $167,640 per year. Wages vary by employer, years of experience, and hours worked. Pediatricians usually receive benefits. Typically benefits include sick leave, paid vacation, health insurance, and a retirement plan.

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