3 New Ways to Use Google Slides

Many people use Google Slides for presentations, but there are other ways to use Slides! Here are a few ideas:

#1: Create Newsletters

Google Docs is not ideal for the special formatting and styling that is necessary for newsletters. Consider using Google Slides! Change the layout to 8.5 x 11, and then add text boxes and images for easy editing and customization. When finished, share the link or export as a PDF if printing is necessary.

Here is a newsletter template, created by Renee Nolan, which can be copied and modified. Alternatively, you can build your own template. Below is a Google Gooru video showing how to begin from scratch and add content as desired.

#2: Class "Blogging"

Here's a way to make very good use of the built-in collaboration features in Google Slides. Use it like a blog! Teachers of any grade level or subject area can create a new Google Slides file with a discussion prompt on the first slide along with a slide for each student in the class. Once shared, students find their slide and respond to the prompt, adding images and creative elements as desired. When finished, they can view classmates' slides and add comments/feedback to the notes pane, much like they would add a comment to a blog.

This is a great way to introduce blogging to students. Teaching students how to write appropriate posts and comments is an important skill, and it can be done in a private and safe way. Also, if (or should I say when?) a student accidentally changes or deletes someone else's work, it is not too much of a problem to get it back; this is due to the ability to see and restore earlier versions found in the revision history.  

#3: SlideCarnival Templates

If you find the simple look of Google Slides boring, take a peek at the templates available on SlideCarnival!  The image below is an example.  

Just browsing through the available templates makes it evident that anyone can create stunning looks with Google Slides. Remember that the look of a presentation can help or hinder an author's message!

How Can I help?

I am available to support WLCSD teachers as they use technology in their classrooms. Let me know by submitting the form below if you would like to work with me for 1:1 coaching, professional development sessions with small groups or staff meetings. I want to work with you! ~Pam