Rube Goldberg Machine

Vincent Carbone, Jason Sinning and Saad Badat

Entry one

I chose to do the Rube Goldberg Machine.

I did it in Oasis and I love the complex machines doing simple tasks.

I want to learn how to be more creative and imaginative.

I don't think I can make a career of Rube Goldberg machines because it isn't needed in society it is more for fun.

But I kind of want to be a mechanical engineer

Entry Two

Today, I brought in duck tape for the project We are going to be working on the design of the Rube Goldberg machine. The simple task for our machine is having mentos fall into a pop bottle and have it explode

Entry three

The information I learned to help complete my project was by watching different YouTube videos. I also got ideas from the internet to help me figure out what should I have done with my Rube Goldberg machine.

Entry four

What I did was make a drawing of a Rube Goldberg Machine, I also figured out a way to put the Mentos in the coke.

The car pulls the block which releases the ball. Then the ball goes down the ramp, into the cup. The ball then hits the lever making another ball go up, hitting a button on the car which makes it go forward and knock the Mentos into the coke.

The questions I answered were like. How am I going to put the Mentos into the Coke? Also how am I going to use the pulley?

Entry five

Today, we built our first stage because we didn't have all of the needed materials. We started with setting up a pulley system. We also decided what to do with our pulley. Tomorrow we should start it up and test it.

Entry six

The machines we used today were pulleys and levers. We have the pulley lifting the block and releasing the balls. We have the lever shooting the golf ball. We will have more updates as we get our final items.

Entry seven

Today we got our first two stages complete. We finished our car pulling up the cardboard releasing  the golf ball that rolls down the ramp. Tomorrow we are going to have the ball complete an action.

Entry eight

Today we got our first three stages done. It took a while to get through them. It was a very complicated process but we were able to get it done.

Entry nine

Today we decided to get rid of one part of the machine which was the lever. We are going to replace it but we don't know with what.

entry ten

Today we changed lot about our machine. We can't explain the changes because we are still in the fixing phase. We will have important updates next entry.

entry eleven

Today we don't have much to say because we had a lot to change we will have details and possibly a picture tomorrow. Check back for more information of entry twelve.

entry twelve

Today we got our first three stages locked down. The string is pulled by human. Then a ball is released down a ramp. The ball then falls into a cup and has a pulley lift another cup. Tomorrow we will figure out what to do with our cup that was lifted up. Stay tuned for more updates.

Entry thirteen

Today we tested most of our stages. They are all working well and keep getting better. We have different ideas for our final stages but it is still just ideas. More updates tomorrow.

Entry fourteen-fifteen

Today I want to figure out how to make the mentos fall into the coke. We have some ideas like a car pushing it or a ball rolling on it or maybe it falling into a bucket of coke. Hopefully we can figure out our last 1-2 steps.

Entry sixteen

Today we were able to make are new idea partially work. We started on it and we are now modifying it. We had a problem with the amount of weight to use to pull the joystick to make the car move. Then we will be able to finish our machine.

Entry seventeen

Today was a success. Our machine went almost as planned. The only flaw was the cook didn't shoot high it just fizzed. I will tell you what our steps were on our machine. First, we pulled a string that lifts up cardboard that released a baseball.The baseball hit a cup of weights attached to a pulley that pushed up and a controller for a remote controlled car. The car would then go forward and hit a block that hit mentos into the coke. That was our machine. Thanks for following my tackk, have a good day!

Entry eighteen

This is my very last entry! Doing this machine taught me to not give up and sparked my creativity. Our project turned out pretty good. I don't really think I can make a Rube Goldberg Machine a career, but I am interested in Mechanical Engineering. I really want a hands on career because I like building things since I was a kid, especially legos. I think this was a good choice for my 20% project, I don't think I would have changed my mind with this knowledge but other projects looked cool too! Thank you for following me on my tackk, have a great day!

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Great drawing and awesome way to end your machine!

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This looks cool, I can't wait to see it work :)

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Interesting ideas. I hope it works!