"No Holds Back."

Diamond Jenkins

No Holds Back

I believe in the willingness to succeed

the benefits of a struggle,

the courage to go on,

the freedom to express,

the thought that letting something in you way, wont change what your heart desires.

But i don't believe in self pity or letting yourself fail

I believe in watching others go on

I believe in lending a helping hand

I believe in success, willingness, struggle, and courage

And I believe in the freedom of others, will express the freedom of you own imagination, No Holds Back.

Words To LiVE By

I live my life by these words “No Holds Back” for the meaning of no judgements, even when people want to judge you or tell you that you can’t, you have to look at them and tell them you can.

If it wasn't for these words you would try and quit but why quit when you've come this far, nobody has the right to take something away for you, by giving someone the wrong hand to your future your also giving away your image of what you really want.

I don’t think my credo will change over time but I know its going to help me shape my future by helping to lead me on the path I want to choose and not the paths other people choose for me. it would be nice to see what path my credo will take me.

It would not be benefit to someone else because it is my personal credo everyone has something that they go by, no one should follow the credo of others unless they feel it really relater to them.

Diamond Jenkins

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