The King In Yellow

Joneka Alston

↓↓↓Pictures from 1895↓↓↓

Question 1

Write a brief synopsis of the novel.

  • This book was mainly with different books telling different stories. It told how different artist drew pictures of their model. Some told about how people was sacred or how they  thought that they were dead.

Question 3

Identify and analyze 2 themes in the novel and how they have been developed over the course of the text.

  • Theme one would be Consequences because constantly i saw that very often in the story.
  • Theme two would be strange because a lot of things in the book would be what i considered strange.

Question 4

Examine the impact of the time period on this text.

  • I would say it is the Victorian time period because it was in 1895.
  • The Victorian period formally begins in 1837 (the year Victoria became Queen) and ends in 1901 (the year of her death).

Question 2

Choose 3 of the major characters in your novel and analyze their development over the course of the text.

Mr. Wilde:


Dr. Byram:

Question 6

Find a painting or piece of art that was created during the time period of the novel and explain how you think it connects to the novel.

Question 5

Find a poem from the time period of your novel that also portrays a theme from the novel.

Just in case the link-

Question 7

Write your personal interpretation of the novel. Discuss the choices the author made that you like, and the choices that you did not like. This is your place to feel free to express what you thought of the novel, but you have to back it up with evidence from the text.

To me over all the book was ok. At times it got very confusing because if the different books. Something that i really liked was the fact that it keep me wondering what was going on. I kind of had to think what was going to happen next meaning it kept me on my toes. Thing that i did not like was the books part because it was hard for me to keep up once the books changed. I felt like one minute i was reading something then getting interested. Then i notice that the book changes and i get lost all over again.  

PDF-pg 162 shows how the books changed and it confused me

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