Learning about Asian


Asia is the largest of the continents and has more people than any other continent. It covers about 17,153,000 square miles - almost one-third of the land area of the world. Its greatest distance, east to west, is 6,000 miles, and north to south about 5,400 miles. Its population is about 3,879,000,000. This means that 57 out of every 100 people live in Asia. Asia is a continent of extremes. It has the highest mountains and the lowest depths. Parts of the continent are colder than the North Pole but other areas are among the hottest places on Earth. More rain falls in parts of southern Asia than anywhere else in the world, but some Asian deserts are among the driest places on Earth.

Asian wild animals include tigers, monkeys, rhinoceroses, bears, deer, mongooses, and many kinds of poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. Some wild animals, such as the elephant and the water buffalo, have been tamed and trained to work in the forests and fields.

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