A long walk to water

Linda Sue Park has been writing poems and stories since she was four years old. Her first poem, published in the Trailblazer magazine, earned her a whole dollar at the age of nine. Over the years Linda Sue took writing positions in Public Relations, Advertising and taught English as a second language before she finally realized she wanted to write childrens books. In 1999 came her first book titled, " Seesaw Girl ". Since then, Linda Sue has published many other books for young people, including   " A Single Shard ", which was awarded the 2002 Newbery Medal. Linda Sue Park has won a total of 100 awards for all of her books. Publishers Weekly asked these following questions while interviewing her, What inspired you to write the Long Walk to Water ? She said, " My inspiration came directly from the protagonist of the book, Salva Dut, who is a family friend. How did you strive to balance the tragedy of the Sudan with hope in this novel ? " He's such a survivor so that every bad thing that happened to him is balanced by hope, because he just keeps going." What do you hope readers will take away from your story ? " I want all my books to provoke some kind of respond in the reader, to make them think something or feel something or both, and for that to become a part of them and work into their own lives" (publishers weekly).

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