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the word of com

though out time computer are made as a big deal of information,electronic mail,billing and chating. there are also videos and games you can play to get into .there are media site such as facebook instagram you tube and snapchat i enjoy games videos and facebook

computer history

COMPUTER history

the history of computers is a stream of different history,information, and interactions socially .it was not always that way it was more of the 00010010110010 before the email,snap chat and facebook

this is old compterthis computer is more up to date

The List Of Computer Competent

the competent is what does craap mean inside of the computer  such as the mother board then south bridge and the ram

internet searching

the internet  is dangerous and can give faulty information the four i use is .gov (government),.org (organization) .edu (education) sometime .com(commerce)depending on the website .If you are not sure if a web site is rel check the bottom of the page check and see if theres a owner a phone number or a email to contact, if not check the link above it has plenty of infromation

website credibility

craap is a great way to know how to check the internet website you are using

Currency: the timeliness of the information

Relevance: the importance of the information for your needs

Authority: the source of the information

Accuracy: the reliability, truthfulness, and correctness of the content

Purpose: the reason the information exists


using word is quit simple , need a quick and simple essay don't steal it of the internet go to word 2010 and just drft up a few details

excel spreadsheet

the chart in small square can bigger and also can be done for you with the some button shown in the video at the top it the basic tools like the space bar  and sum tool the math ribbon and more.

digital footprint

A digital footprint follows you fro ever through email,google chrome,google search or any thing on a phone or a account held account by you even the small things like eBay or Craigslist . your back ground ever photo put on the internet and deleted history still there to know how it works is a video under.


we learn plenty from the lessons on PowerPoint to screen clip,some of the ribbons  and a few ways to write and finily it not much work

digital cititzenship

your only profile