Tools of The Trade

By Adriana Colome'


Edmodo is a site for teachers, students, and parents. It is similar to 'Facebook' and allows students to interact with their teachers and classmates. You can talk to other students about what happened during a class you missed or what is the missing work. You can also submit computer-based assignments and download class documents.


Remind is a site for teachers to interact with students and parents about school and classroom work and activities. Teachers can interact with students about information concerning the class and missing work. is a useful site that contains thousands of free templates and graphics for anyone to use. Users can design lesson plans and concepts by using a template from a list of thousands, upload their own design, or simply create one from scratch. To use the tool, click on a template or 'start fresh.' To save your work, make an account.


Tackk is a site that lets the user create a page of whatever subject. It can be for many purposes like schoolwork or just wanting to share a thought or idea. You can use the tool by simply creating an account and just getting started.

The IB Design Cycle

The IB Design Cycle is used to help create solutions to problems and challenges. It can be used for many things like schoolwork or everyday activities.

The IB Design Cycle has five steps;

1. Investigate; Explore resources concerning the topic. Consider all possibilities and ideas.

2. Plan; Create a list of resources and supplies.

3. Design; Create sketches and ideas for the project.

4. Create; Start the project and follow the plan and ideas you had beforehand.

5. Evaluate; Reflect on the outcome and the overall project.

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