Motivation- Motivation is giving someone a target or something to aspire too with the intention of getting them to work harder.

How might this affect a business?

Motivation is proven to be a key method in getting the maximum potential out of our work force. Motivation will keep a business running smoothly and levels of productivity will be at an all time high, this leads to the business making more money and an increased morale in general.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs -

Maslow created the hierarchy of needs. These are all things maslow believed a person needed to be happy in order of importance. The first step is physiological necessities, this consists of things such as Food, water, hospitality and shelter. The next stage is Safety, these are things like Health, Job security, resources and employment. The third stage is Love/belonging, This stage is Mainly about friendship and relationships and how one can stay happy. The fourth stage is Esteem, things like Ego, confidence and recognizing someone's achievement . The last stage is Self-actualization, this consist of more mental issues like Creativity, Acceptance, Spontaneity, Morality and lack of prejudice.

Job Enlargement -

In job enlargement, the job itself remains essentially unchanged. However, by widening the range of tasks that need to be performed, hopefully the employee will experience less repetition and monotony that are common on production lines which rely upon the division of labour

Job Empowerment -

Employee empowerment is giving employees a certain degree of autonomy and responsibility for decision-making regarding their specific organizational tasks

Job Rotation -

the practice of moving employees between different tasks to promote experience and variety.

Job Enrichment -

Job enrichment can be described as a medium through which management can motivate self-driven employees by assigning them additional responsibility normally reserved for higher level employees. By doing this, the employees feel like their work has meaning and is important to the company.

Team Work -

the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient.