Wood Jewelry Boxes – What To Expect From The Market

There are many things that can be considered as indispensible for a woman’s closet. The perfect jewelry box that is not just good looking and elegant but also practical in its design – now that deserves special mention! Its not just about storing your beautiful pieces in an elegant box. The jewelry box will actually set the mood for your entire evening as you sit by your dresser and put on the final touches to complete the outfit. It will be like a setting straight from the old movies!

But this article isn’t about just any jewelry box. I am talking about those beautiful, hand carved and amazingly chic wood jewelry boxes that are a must have for every gal out there! These jewelry boxes are actually considered as works of art. They make the best gifts and go beautifully well with almost every type of accessory you may own. Let us take a look at what all you can get in the market when you are looking to buy wooden jewelry boxes.

  • The American market offers various finishes and textures. The basic wood varieties found in the US - warm mahogany wood, white ash, cherry, maple, koa, walnut, birch, burl and the like. Then there are the more exotic varieties too like rosewood, ebony, blodwood, bocote, jatoba, kingwood, lacewood, olivewood, padauk and many more. Different wood varieties lend different shades and textures to the wood jewelry box, creating a huge range of options for you to choose from.
  • The jewelry box you will be buying may differ on the basis of the type of lid that it has. Most wood jewelry boxes have a flip top lid but there are also those which come with pillow style lids that are lifted and fitted to the top when you have to close the box. Again, the amount of choices is many here.
  • Then there are the extra accentuations that can be added to the box. Think soft satins and velvet linings and other types of soft materials that will ensure that the box’s contents are not damaged in any way while they are stored.
  • There is also the extravagance that you can find added to your wood jewelry box, in case you are into that sort of thing. I am talking about embellished and inlaid lids and music played when the lid is opened and personalised carvings to make the box yours. That is the part about wooden boxes that sets them apart – they can be easily customised to suit your style.
  • And finally, some practical additions. Some innovative designs seen in wooden jewelry boxes are those with divided compartments and lift out trays or with frame and panel lids as well as raised pillow lids. These are great for holding different pieces of jewelry all in one beautiful box.

Wood jewelry boxes will prove to be the best and most elegant addition to your fashion closet. In case you are looking for a good place to buy one, be sure to check out ChasingTreasure.com.

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