Ronald Reagan

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's  8th grade language arts class
made by P.J.D  

Ronald Reagan was born Feb,6,1911 in a Illinois.

Significant Events in History that effected Ronald's life

  • The Great Depression
  • World War 1
  • World War 2

Ronald's Childhood

Growing up Ronald "Dutch" Reagan was very poor. He didn't mind this at the time because all his friends and neighbors were also quite poor. He was popular and had many friends, and despite his small size and poor vision Dutch was very athletic. He did well in school and was adored and looked up to by his fellow classmates.

People Who Influenced Ronald's Life

  • FDR
  • Dwight. D. Eisenhower
  • Jack Reagan

Unique Facts

  • Called his parents by their first name
  • Was a lifeguard in high school
  • Was a foot ball star in college
  • Was raised a Democrat, but became Republican in adulthood


  • Graduated from Eureka College
  • Played George Gipper in the film "Knute Rockne-All American"
  • Became the Governor of California in 1867
  • Became the 40th President of the U.S.

The Theme of Ronald's life was...

The theme of Ronald's life is living the American dream, and the opportunities and chances we need to take to do great things.

Ronald's Word of Advice

  • Jack told his sons that  hard work would make anyone a success.

This book not only informed me about Ronald Reagan but let me get to know him as a person, what he liked, what he disliked, and what he went through. Ronald Reagan has always been my favorite President, but this book made me have a whole new appreciation of him, and I hope plenty of opportunities come my way in the near future.  

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