Preventive Medicine Physicians

Prescribe medicine for patients
By: Lauren Estes

Job Responsibilities: Research about diseases, identify groups at risk for specific diseases, manage programs in specific areas

Education needed: Around eight years of college

Experience needed: Out of the 8 years of college 4 of Medical school

Degree: Doctoral degree

Personal traits: Critical analyzing, always learning, constant listener, social, awareness of patients, decision making

Work place: Doctor's office, hospital

Companies: Air Force Professions, Life Line Screening, Hadley & Associates, MedStar

Salary for annual average: $187,200

Growth: Faster than average (15% to 21%)

Related careers: Health Specialists, Pathologists, Hospital worker, Medicine manger

Interesting Facts: Some physicians can work with one patient multiple times, as a regular.

Some physicians went to Africa to treat Ebola patients

Physicians prescribe different medicines to different people for their health.


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