Evaluating Web 2.0 Tools

5 Criteria

Criteria #1: Meaningful learning must take place

The tool must serve a purpose. Technology should not just be used because it is there. Tools should be used because they make the lesson more meaningful.

Criteria #2: Curriculum Standards

This is an important criterion because it is important to keep the curriculum in mind. We want to make sure we are using appropriate tools and lesson for our grade level.

Criteria # 3: Easy to Use

I think being easy to use is an important criterion because the purpose of the tool is to enhance students' learning. If the tool is too difficult to use it will take away from the purpose of the lesson.

Criteria #4: Access

Access is an important factor when evaluating Web 2.0 tools because if the tool is not easily accessible to students, there is not much point in using it. It is important for the tool to be free and easily accessible. Also, it is important to take into account whether or not users have to create an account and how much private information needs to be given in order to create an account

Criteria 5: Fun factor

I think it is important for the tool to be fun to use. If students are having fun while learning it will make it a much more positive experience for them. Also, using fun study tools would encourage students to study more and to be more successful.

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