Dragonfly/Angry Man

Monique Corona



My graphs depending on how you see it, can make a dragonfly on a rock, or a face of an angry man. I used a dimple limacon graph for the rock/face. I used the rose graph to make the body and the top wings of the dragonfly, or the eyebrows & nose of the man. I used lemiscate graph to make the bottom wings of the dragonfly or the eyes of the man.


                   Making up polar graphs that work together to make a creative picture is difficult. I experimented mathematically when I was first making the design. Since I did not want a plain circle to make the rock , so instead I chose to use the limacon graph.  I knew that the rose graph would would have to be a sine rose graph so I had to figure out where exactly I wanted the graph to start. The lemniscate was easy to figure out because I knew it would be a cosine graph. So figuring out the equations that go with the design was challenging but doable.

              In every thing we do we learn something. While I was completing this assignment I learned that you can actually make cool and unique designs with polar graphs. By combining either limacons, rose, circle, and/or lemniscate graphs you can create anything you can desire. Polar graphs are not that bad if you put it this way.

             In any activity that we do we decide if we like it or not. I enjoyed working on this assignment because I was able to show my creative side. I was surprise that I would enjoyed this because it had to do with math. I would of like having more projects like this during the course.

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