Greek Presentation        Timothy Dixon

Hardships Faced By Traveling

  - Merchants had ships built, not for speed, but for space to hold goods. Because these ships traveled only about three to five miles per hour, journeys were long. A one-way trip from the mainland could take two months.

  - Travel by land was especially hard. People mostly walked, or rode in carts pulled by oxen or mules. Roads were unpaved. Sharp rocks frequently shattered wooden wheels, and thick mud could stop a wagon in its tracks. Only wealthy people could afford to ride horses.

- Traveling by water was easier than traveling by land.

The Farming Challenges And How They Were Met By Ancient Greeks

- Farming wasn’t easy in that mountainous land.

- Water was scarce.

- A few farmers were able to grow wheat and barley, but most grew crops that needed less land, particularly grapes and olives.

- Greek farmers produced a lot of olive oil, which was used for cooking, to make soap, and as fuel for lamps.

- Honey was the best-known sweetener in the ancient world.

- Ancient Greek farmers grew food for their own families. In addition to small vegetable gardens, many farmers planted hillside orchards of fruit and nut trees.

- With limited flat land available, Greek farmers had to find the best ways to use what little land they had.

- Some farmers built wide earth steps into the hills to create more flat land for planting.

-Greek farmers raised animals.

How the early Greeks had success in settling colonies and when time period and where  they established colonies

- When the populations of Greek communities increased, the existing farmland no longer produced enough food to feed all of the people.

- Greek communities sent people across the sea, in search of new places to farm so that they could ship food back home.

- They talked to an oracle because Greeks believed she could communicate with the gods.

- Next, the colonists gathered food and supplies.

- Greek colonists faced many hardships. They had to take a long sea trip and then find a good location for their colony.

- They looked for areas with natural harbors and good farmland.

- The Greeks established colonies over a period of more than 300 years, from 1000 to 650 B.C.E.

- These colonies helped spread Greek culture.

Greek Colonies

Examples Of Some Of The Goods The Early Greeks Traded

- Olive oil and pottery from the mainland were exchanged for goods like grain, timber, and metal.

- The Greeks traded among the city-states, with Greek colonies, and in the Mediterranean region.

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