Step into Miami, Florida where the sun is shining

By: Ashley Hoffman

Where to stay

Some great places to stay in Miami Florida include: The Metropolitan Hotel, it has great reviews. It is close to everything in Miami and there is a beautiful view of Miami beach. Another amazing hotel you could stay at is the Red South Beach Hotel. The Red South Beach Hotel has a bar for the adults and it also has an outdoor pool. It's located near the beach in downtown Miami where you can shop. There are many more great hotels you can stay at in Miami.

Where to Dine

A good place to dine would be at South Beach's Meat Market. It is a chic take on a more traditional steak house. They have a very extravagant, dimly lit dining room. You can come eat a Kobe filet mignon from the menu, and add an enhancement of lobster or crab to the dish. Another fancy restaurant you might want to try is the Makoto, where they have the best Japanese cuisine. You might want to also stop by Juvia, it's an indoor/outdoor penthouse restaurant that has a wonderful view of South Beach.

What to see and things to do

Go to the beach, that's a free and fun thing to do in Miami. There are so many beautiful beaches you could go to. One beach that is available would be the Bal Harbour Beach. It's a bit north of Miami's beach stretch, but it's a quiet stretch with luxury condos and five-star hotels along it. Another beach you could go to is Surfside Beach. It's a residential beach that includes North Shore Open Space Park. It has a path that you can run, bike, or walk on. Which is a good way to exercise and take in the beautiful scenery. There are also many other beaches you can go to.

Another fun thing you could do is go walk through one of the museums. You could also go to Zoo Miami. It's rated as one of the top 10 zoos in the U.S. It has over 2,000 animals. If you just wanted to see monkeys you could go see the Monkey Jungle in Miami and go see every kind of monkey!

If you're old enough and want to see some Miami night life, you can go to one of the many night clubs in Miami. One night club you could go to is called the LIV, it has top of the line lighting systems and a variety of music that plays. This club attracts many celebrities. One of the country's hottest night clubs is the Mansion. It has a beautiful architectural design with multiple floors. There are also a few other night clubs in Miami.

A video on some more things you should see in Miami

Where to Eat

Some cheaper places to eat would be Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Another would be Knaus Berry Farm, they have yummy smoothies and desserts. You could also go to the Lime Fresh Mexican Grill.

Where to Shop

Bayside Marketplace is a great outdoor place to shop, it's located on Biscayne Bay. People can experience the real Miami, with international cuisine, fine shops, exotic music, and a gorgeous waterfront setting. There are over 150 shops and 12 restaurants. You can also enjoy lively musicians. This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Miami, come see why! Another outdoor shopping place you might want to try out is the CocoWalk. It is the ultimate destination for shopping. CocoWalk is lined in high-end retail and boutiques, fine dining and bistro cafes, live entertainment and music, and a 13 screen luxury movie theater.

A great place to shop at is the Aventura Mall. It is one of America's most visited shopping centers, they feature more than 300 of the world's most recognized retailers. They also have 6 department stores, 10 restaurants, and a 24-screen movie theater. Another shopping mall in Miami is the Dolphin Mall. They have over 240 designer brand name stores at affordable prices and over 30 dining options.

A little bit of South Beach in Miami

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